Nissim Sharim, fundamental figure of Chilean theater, dies

This Thursday, the former director of the Ictus Theater, a consular body in the history of Chilean theater, ceased to exist and left an indelible mark with works that persist until today in the collective unconscious.

At the age of 88, the outstanding Chilean theater and television figure Nissim Sharim passed away this Wednesday .

The outstanding actor was also a director and a fundamental part of the cast of the Ictus Theater,for more than 50 years, and together with Delfina Guzmán, Shenda Román, Jaime Vadell and Gustavo Meza, who were later joined by Claudio Di Girolamo, they gave life to one of the most relevant stages of the national theater.

During the civic-military dictatorship, the Ictus defied the censorship imposed by the regime , giving life to works that would become classics of national dramaturgy, such as Lindo country corner with a view to the sea that was serene from 1984, or the adaptation of Primavera con a broken corner by Mario Benedetti, with the outstanding performance of another great Chilean theater such as Roberto Parada.

With the end of the dictatorship, Sharim was part of the National Television board for four years.

The remains of the outstanding actor will be veiled this Thursday in the Sala La Comedia, headquarters of the Ictus Theater, located at Merced Street # 349.

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