Turn your photos into cartoons with these 3 websites

Image editing, beyond the professional, is an activity that amuses many people. There are many users who like to take selfies or photos of their friends to apply eye-catching effects and that fill the images with life. One of the most attractive is the cartoon effect, which although it is achieved from Photoshop and other design programs, it is already possible to use it in a few clicks with other tools.
In that sense, we will present you 3 websites that you can use if you want to apply a cartoon effect to your photographs .


It is a very powerful online image editor. Its options allow cropping, resizing and making all kinds of edits to images, including the application of effects such as caricature. In that sense, you only need to enter and upload your photograph, then go to the "Art" menu and there you will find the "Cartoonizer" option with which you can give the effect to your photo. It should be noted that the site incorporates several versions of the effect, so you can choose the one that you like.
The process is very simple and the service is completely free.
Try it from here .


Cartoonize is another great online application to apply cartoon effects to photos. The process here is very simple, you select your image and you will immediately go to the work area where you just have to click on the cartoon effect that you like the most. You can choose from more than 10 effects to caricature your photos and then download them to the computer.
Try it on this link .


This site is very simple and interesting, allowing you to turn any photograph into a cartoon with just a few clicks. First upload your image and then the work area will be available where it is only a matter of marking the option "Animated Drawing Effect" to turn your face into a caricature. Additionally, the portal allows the possibility of modifying the face a bit with the “Face Morphing” option, generating smiles or sad faces, through editing.
Visit it at this link 

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