How to Use the JobStreet App to Find a Job

 JobStreet is a leading employer in the employment industry with over 40 million users and working with millions of employers and hiring firms.

JobStreet makes it easy for someone who wants to find a job by choosing various types of job vacancies in various fields throughout Asia such as Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and so on. In addition, through JobStreet one can find vacancies for all career levels, from internships, part-time, to top-level management positions.

Before starting to apply for jobs or looking for work through JobStreet, a job seeker is required to create and complete a profile first and make the profile look professional and always updated. The goal is for you to be the best for HRD from the profile you create. Apart from that, you can also upload and organize your resume anywhere and anytime with just a few clicks. With this complete profile, it will certainly be able to help in getting a job. 

Well, to use JobStreet to find work, you can access JobStreet through the JobStreet application. The JobStreet application can be obtained for free at official application stores found on smartphone devices such as the Play Store.

So how do you use the JobStreet application to find a job? Calm down and don't worry, because in this discussion we will discuss how to use the JobStreet application to find these jobs. Without discussing at length, let's just look at the steps below.

Steps to use the JobStreet application to find a job

1. Just open the JobStreet application. 

2. On the first screen, you will be presented with a welcome screen and some information from the JobStreet application. Please click "start" to continue.

3. Next, please create an account on JobStreet first by clicking "register". And don't forget to select the country you want to find a job in. 

4. You can register or create an account on the JobStreet application by entering your first name, last name, email address and password or register using a Facebook account. If using a Facebook account, make sure that the Facebook account uses an active email. Next, just register a new account on JobStreet and wait for the registration process to complete. 

5. Next, open the email that you registered earlier to validate the email. Click the given link to validate the email.

6. If so, reopen the JobStreet application. In the JobStreet application, please select the job (by province) you want to search for and 

click "continue".

7. Next, please select the field of work you are looking for and click "continue".

8. After that, please select the salary range you want and click "continue".

9. Next, click "search vacancies" to search for job vacancies on JobStreet or start using JobStreet to search for job vacancies. 

10. Well, before starting to look for a job, you should first complete your profile first. You can complete your profile on the "account" menu, then click "manage profile". Next, complete the profile by filling in the address, phone number and so on. If so, start looking for work.

Search for job vacancies - you can enter the "search" menu and search for the job vacancy you want or enter the home menu to search for recommended job vacancies

Enter a job application - click on the job opening, then click "apply" to apply for the job. Fill in the questions and other things that the company where you apply for the job wants. If so, click "submit application" to submit a job application.

11. Next, wait for confirmation about the status of the job application that you submitted from the company to which you sent the job application


That's all and that's how to use the JobStreet application to find work. Hopefully this discussion on how to use the JobStreet application to find a job can be useful for readers.

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